Custom Closet Design Professional Help
Custom Closet Design Professional Help

January 23, 2024

How to Choose a Custom Closet Design Professional

You've decided it's time to start organizing and investing in a custom closet design for your home. Closet design is becoming more and more popular. According to Digital Journal, the Closet Market Size will double by 2028, meaning there are more options than ever for you to pick from. Now you've decided to organize and invest in a custom closet design, utilize the steps below to pick your designer.

Review Closet Manufactures With an In-House Designer

Making sure to look for a manufacturer with an in-house designer can be a game-changer. Having an in-house designer ensures a seamless collaboration between the conceptualization and manufacturing phases. This way the designer possesses an in-depth understanding of the production process and can translate intricate design details into practical, functional solutions.

Review Qualifications and Experience

Once you have a few designers in your area, it's time to review which designer is best for you. Ideally, you want someone well-versed in closet layout, storage solutions, and functionality. Ask if they have a portfolio of their past projects that you can browse to gauge if your interests and their specialties align. Custom closet design is a niche that requires specialized knowledge to execute properly.

Schedule Showroom Consultations

Schedule in-person consultations with two or three top candidates to get a feel for who you'll enjoy working with. Come prepared with photos or sketches of your existing closet, measurements, and some general ideas of your dream closet features. Communication and collaboration are key to bringing your vision to reality. Make sure you feel comfortable, heard, understood, and that they seem genuinely interested in turning your needs into the perfect custom closet design.

With an experienced, attentive closet designer guiding you, you'll end up with closet storage solutions that function flawlessly. If you're ready to learn more, schedule your consultation with Pulito Closets today.

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