Even your kitchen’s custom closet system can be customized!
Even your kitchen’s custom closet system can be customized!

March 15, 2024

What Types of Closet and Storage Systems Can Be Customized?

Custom closet systems deliver many benefits and make life easier for homeowners, throughout many various rooms of your home.

Here are some popular closet systems to customize to suit your storage needs.

1. Bedroom Closets

The most popular closet system to customize is in the bedroom. According to Woodworking Network, about 84% of closet systems are found in bedrooms.

Bedroom closets are a popular closet system choice because of their instant impact on your morning routine, saving you precious time to hit the snooze button or pick up a coffee on your way to work.

If you are looking for a simple way to save time throughout your day, bedroom closet systems also help ensure your wardrobe is easy to manage and eliminates time spent looking for a specific outfit.

2. Garage Storage

Most garages have become the catch-all space for seasonal decor, outdoor equipment, tools, and more, with 45% of closet systems being found in garages.

A well-organized garage with a system in place can ensure there is enough room for everything while keeping equipment organized and easy to find.

3. Kitchen Pantries

Food waste is a problem that many families are trying to overcome. A well-organized pantry can help your efforts to get food waste under control, with 38% of custom closet systems being found in kitchen pantries, many other homeowners agree.

Suppose it’s difficult to see what you have in your pantry and you often find yourself purchasing food items that you already have. In that case, a closet system will eliminate the problem by making it easier to see what you already have.

Seeing all your ingredients and food items in your pantry will make mealtime planning easier. It will also help to cut down on food costs because you will be able to see what ingredients you are running low on, and which you can skip on your next supermarket run.

Every closet in your home can be outfitted with a system that is customized to your needs. 

The right closet system can be a game changer for staying organized and reducing stress. Learn more today about closet systems designed for your lifestyle at Pulito Closets. Contact us today!

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