Custom Closet Storage Tips
Custom Closet Storage Tips

March 15, 2024

How Best to Organize Your Custom Closet

Does the inside of your custom closet spark joy, or is it likely to give Marie Kondo a headache? Keeping a closet organized is often easier said than done.

Thankfully, you can take simple steps to make closet organization significantly easier. These simple steps involve following practical organizing steps and taking advantage of closet designs. Keep reading to learn more.

Integrate More Storage Features

If you’re seeking a permanent solution to your closet organization issues, the ideal response may involve adding more storage features.

According to Wood Working Network, many homeowners see drawers (92%), jewelry tray inserts (44%), and shoe cubbies (41%) as top closet upgrades. Considering their impact on closet organization, it’s easy to see why so many people like these additions.

Add enough drawers and jewelry tray inserts to your custom closet to separate specific items. Once installed, they will keep your closet organized and reduce the amount of time you spend looking for particular items.

Meanwhile, a cubby can be a terrific addition that protects your shoes and prevents messes inside the closet.

Organize With Themes in Mind

One reason why closets become so messy is because there were no organizational guidelines to begin with. You may keep your clothes neatly folded or hung, but their placement inside the closet is still random.

The lack of any discernible pattern in your storage habits can lead to quick disorganization.

To get around that problem, you should organize items in your custom closet based on certain themes. You can organize your clothing based on color or type.

Pick the storage method that makes the most sense for your closet so you can keep it better organized. The best part is this approach to storing clothing and accessories works for all custom closet designs.

Store Your Clothes in Neat Rolls

Varied closet designs can present different organizing issues. If you have a small closet, your organizing problems may stem from a lack of space. You can build a bigger closet later.

For now, you can just change the way you store your clothes.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them to maximize your available space. The rolls occupy less space and help you find items faster. You also don’t have to roll everything as you can keep your most commonly used clothes hanging in the closet.

Closet organization doesn’t have to be an annoying chore. Follow the steps in this article, and your closet should remain consistently tidy. Contact Pulito Closets today, and we’ll add the organization-focused features you need to your closet!

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